Our Five Top Picks for Real Estate Agents in Atlanta/Metro Atlanta

Well, it may seem obvious that we would say to make a connection and relationship with a mortgage lender before a real estate agent, so it is also obvious that we, your helpful friend, have info to back us up on this one!

Meeting us first helps you set realistic expectations

It truly is never fun when you have found your dream house to later realize that it’s just outside your financial reach. This can happen when you aren’t factoring in all of the extra fees that a lender could prepare you for before you start possibly getting your hopes up later down the line.

You can still shop around at other homes

Just because you’re pre-approved for a loan doesn’t mean you have to stick with that loan. You can continue to apply for other loans from other lenders – just be sure to collect your offers on the same day, since mortgage rates change every day.

Being pre-approved is a great companion for meeting a realtor

Coming in with a pre-approved loan offer, whether you’re talking to a realtor or a potential seller, proves that you are serious and know, as they say, “what’s up”. Especially as Atlanta becomes more and more popular to home-buyers, you want to present yourself as hassle- and complication-free. You aren’t just window-shopping, you can actually sign the check.

You will be ahead of the game

There is so much paperwork to complete the loan process. Bank statements, years’ worth of taxes, explanations of where your money comes from – it’s easy to get buried in documentation. Starting the process earlier will help save you hassle when it comes time to close, and reduce the likelihood that the seller pulls out because of mortgage complications.

So, is it too late for us to ask you to dinner, maybe coffee, get to know each other before you move on to the realtors?

This isn’t about us vs. realtors. We LOVE the real estate agents we have worked with, and because we love them, we want you to know them too and know that when buying a home, all of us are for you and cheering you on as you make your way to your very own home!

We’ve worked with real estate agents on hundreds of deals, but meet these five that truly have stood out as cream of the crop.

Our Top 5

Cherokee and Cobb Counties

Shanell Lightfoot, Proactive Realty Solutions

As a Metro Atlanta transplant, Shanell enjoys connecting with people who have also relocated to Georgia for work, school, or a fresh start in life. As the broker/owner at Proactive Realty Solutions, Shanell is dedicated to creating more favorable outcomes & experiences for her clients; she’s even developed resources that help her clients eliminate analysis paralysis & buyer’s remorse when shopping for their 1st (or next) home! To jump start your next purchase or sale, simply call or text Shanell,

c: 770.940.9254 // getmetoclosing.com

Cherokee County Specializing in Woodstock and Canton

Christy Share, Sotheby Atlanta Fine Homes

Since 2004, Christy’s clients have appreciated her commitment to remaining up-to-date on evolving market conditions so that she can assist buyers and sellers in making informed decisions. She has earned a reputation as a devoted agent willing to put the needs of her clients at the forefront of every transaction. Utilizing the power of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, Christy demonstrates expert local knowledge with a global focus.

Contact her! Call 678-923-6493

East Atlanta/Grant Park/Cabbagetown/Old Fourth Ward/Any Other Part of Atlanta You Can Think Of

Serine Varghese, Origins Real Estate

Serene’s real estate background began at a real estate law firm and has evolved into real estate investment over the last several years. She represents buyers, sellers, and investors who want a competent, caring agent who is well-informed on local development.

Contact her! serene@originsrealestate.com


Samantha Downey, Downey Realty Team

Long before obtaining her real estate license, Samantha had a passion for the Atlanta real estate market. Being a lifelong native to the Atlanta Metro area, she is able to provide her clients with a unique perspective on the city’s changing neighborhoods. After working in Finance prior to her real estate career, she understand the market’s economic conditions, and the direct implications it has on buying or selling a home. Additionally, her background as an Atlanta homeowner, landlord, and investor helps her provide her clients with a higher level of expertise.

Contact her! samantha@downeyrealtyteam.com

East Cobb

David Stoner, Solid Source Realty

With time spent as a licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, as well as  experience in Renovations as a Real Estate Investor (not to mention a 10-year career as a professional photographer) – David is uniquely equipped to help you sell your current home, or to buy your next one!

Contact him! Call 404-374-1146

We want you to have all the support you want/need in the home-buying journey, and we trust and know that these four friends would take care of you more than you could imagine. So contact them, look them up, creep on their social media pages, and let us help you meet your match!

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