Jumbo Loans: All You Need To Know To Buy A House Over $500K In Atlanta

A jumbo loan is a mortgage on any property whose loan value is higher than the current “Conforming Loan Limit” of $453,100. The $453,100 figure actually goes into effect on January 1, 2018. Any conventional loans closed before then are limited to $424,100.

There is no maximum limit for jumbo loans.

The minimum down payment is 10%.

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Our Closing Cost Calculator

First things first: the below closing cost calculator is to help you estimate your closing costs. Please call for a more accurate estimate on a prospective purchase. Property taxes: See our post on property taxes to find your yearly tax bill. We use the most recent...

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All About Gift Funds: FHA vs. Conventional

All About Gift Funds I get a lot of questions about gift funds. FHA and Conventional loans vary a bit in how gift funds are treated, but are largely similar. Let’s dive in! The primary measurement here isn’t necessarily “How much is allowed as a gift?”, but rather...

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The Path To A Quick Close

The Path To A Quick Close Buying a house wouldn’t be stressful if it weren’t for deadlines. There’s the due diligence period, there are the financing and appraisal contingencies, the closing date itself. It’s exhausting. We’ve compiled a list of what you can do to...

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